Unlock the secret of Safad

A basic premise in Jewish mysticism (“Kabala”) holds that any Biblical text can be read and understood using four levels of ever-deepening meaning. The highest – or deepest – meaning is called “sod”, Hebrew for “secret”. Only a select few can reach this level of understanding, bringing them closer to the divine and to the hidden secrets of the universe. A visit to the town of Safed (Tsfat), where the study of Kabala and its powers attained its highest form, is a fascinating journey into the secrets of Jewish mysticism and thought.

Nestled in the evergreen, misty hills of the upper Galilee, overlooking Mt Meron and the Sea of Galilee, Safed is a rare and hidden gem. Its medieval core of crooked, cobblestone alleys, winding their way amid ancient, venerated synagogues and religious seminaries, oozes with a magical Jewish atmosphere which affects even the staunchest secular visitor. This is where famous figures such as the Holy ARI formulated esoteric Jewish thought, where age-old prayers and hymns were written, where the Messiah would set out from on his way to Jerusalem. No visit to the Holy Land is complete without this atmospheric hallmark of Jewishness.





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