Derived from the Old French verb Traverser – “to cross”,  and in English: Crossing, Crossroads or Passage through a gate.


  1. In the ancient world Crossroads referred to this land, a crossroad on the famous Via Maris, or in modern English The Sea Route, a trade passage connecting Egypt with Mesopotamia.


  1. Israel is an historical and spiritual gateway for Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions and to many cultures, a place where everything crosses and connects.


  1. Travel Israel and discover it with Travis. We create the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable experiences and memories.

Our logo is inspired by the meaning of our name and reflects the nature of our business.

It features the Bünting Clover Leaf Map, an historic mappa mundi drawn by the German Protestant pastor, theologist, and cartographer Heinrich Bünting, and published in his book Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae (Travel through Holy Scripture) in 1581.

Its shape symbolizes the world, with the city of Jerusalem represented as the center surrounded by three central continents.

Today, the map is found in the Eran Laor map collection in the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem. A mosaic replica is installed in the fence of Safra Square at Jerusalem’s city hall.

The font used is Hadassah Friedlaender, a Latin font inspired by the iconic Hebrew font Hadassah which was create by Henri Friedlaender in 1958 (read more).

Also notice the A & V letters standing side by side as elements of the Star of David’s shape.

Logo was designed by Rachel Kinrot.

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