Martin Stein
CEO & Founder

A South African native, who made Aliya in 1990 in order to coach the Israeli national junior tennis team. Several years later, after completing a Masters degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Ramat Gan College of Tourism and starting a family with wife Ayelet, Martin fulfilled his true professional passion - guiding tours in Israel. In 2009, Martin formed Travis (formerly known as TourIsra) and has since planned and delivered hundreds of unforgettable family and group tours. With a team of experienced and dedicated guides, Martin's vision of creating unique personal memories of Israel comes to life for thousands of tourists.

Dana Almog Filosof

With a Bachelors degree in South East Asia Studies and fluent Mandarin Chinese, it all fell in place for Dana when she began her tour guiding career. Her love of Israel, passion for travel, and connection to the sea comes across in everything she does; so does her fondness for Tahini which she puts on EVERYTHING she eats. Dana is licensed to guide in Hebrew, English and Chinese and dabbles a bit in Spanish.

Ilan Daniel

After years of holding various position at Ben-Gurion Airport and taking friends he met through his work around Israel, Ilan felt it was time to turn his passion for travel to a profession. Today, Ilan is a certified tour guide with expertise including Jerusalem, trekking, extreme sports, culinary tours and wine tastings and much more. His love of the land is expressed in everything he does.

Julia Newman

Julia was born in Russia and moved to Israel when she was 7 years old. She immediately was fascinated with her warm and inviting new home, and began exploring her surroundings, something she has never stopped doing. Today, in addition to guiding, she supervises young guides, instilling in them the love for Israel and the passion for showing its beauty and sharing its story with those who tour the country.

Avi Biran

With an education in Arts, a successful career as an awarded artist in the field of Jewish art, exhibits at 15 Jewish museums around the world, and achievement including the Israel Museum Prize for the Design of Contemporary Jewish Art, Avi added tour guiding to the mix. His love for Israel, expertise in art and history, and unique sense of humor are part of his signature style -- in his art and in the tours he guides.

Tomer Keret

Tomer's interest in history, passion for travel and curiosity for people and cultures, led him to become a tour guide. He was born and raised in Jerusalem, and after traveling around the world still feels it's the most beautiful and fascinating place there is. He loves to share his knowledge and will always go the extra mile to make a tour super special. Tomer is fluent in Hebrew, English and German and speaks a bit of French.

Mark Kedem

Tour guiding is a second career for Mark, who spent over two decades in various leadership roles at the Jewish Agency, the Jewish Student Movement and the South African Zionist Federation in Israel. His love for Israel and passion for food, cycling, and nature are a big part of his personality, and things he enjoys sharing with others. Mark's motto as a guide takes inspiration from the famous words of Maya Angelou ``I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.``

Boaz Malachi


Boaz has been working with groups since 1993, and in 2008 after years at the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel began guiding tourists. He is moved by the emotional reaction people have when they arrive in Israel for the first time, and enjoys showing them what this place is all about. Boaz loves history, antique cars and motorcycles and spicy Middle Eastern food. He's fluent in Hebrew and English.

Yonatan Shlomo

His first career as a school teacher, and a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and archeology, made Yonatan realize that tour guiding was his true passion. He brings profound knowledge of Israel’s history and culture, and a special fondness for nature and archaeology. Yonathan’s experience with young adults makes him a great guide for families with children. A trip will be educating ,interesting and no less important – lots of fun.

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