Culinary Experiences Tasting tours on the bustling Levinsky street or at the Carmel open market in Tel Aviv; nibbling on cheese and homemade olives, smoked fish and other delights; buying spices by the ounce and eating a falafel dripping with Tehini, represent

Christian Sites In the north, itineraries include the breathtaking Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered his Sermon on the Mount; the foothills of Mount Hermon and Banias (Caesarea Philippi), where Jesus gave St. Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, “…and

Art & Culture Experiences Probe deeper into Israeli culture on a visit to Ein Hod, the picturesque artists village at the foot of Mount Carmel; drop in at a blacksmith's in the Judean lowlands, his home filled with his works and boxes

History & Archaeology At the City of David, the core of urban Jerusalem dating back 3,000 years, you can walk down the secret access shaft many believe was used by King David and his troops when they conquered the city, or

Corporate Israel is home to many international companies; famous as the Start-Up Nation, it attracts many business travelers all year round. For those who spend a few days here and need a little break from business, we offer a range of short

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