Art & Culture

Influenced by East and West and inspired by a mix of the traditional and the contemporary, Israel’s art scene expresses the country’s melting pot of cultures.

And if it’s not going to be your first visit to Israel, the art scene may be an excellent option for you to explore.


Probe deeper into Israeli culture on a visit to Ein Hod, the picturesque artists village at the foot of Mount Carmel; drop in at a blacksmith’s in the Judean lowlands, his home filled with his works and boxes waiting ready to be shipped abroad; walk through the streets of Tel Aviv with a professional street artist whose works decorate walls around the city, receiving a paintbrush with which you can leave your own mark on a designated wall.

Not to be missed are Israeli’s world-class museums, headed by the  Israel Museum Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, plus smaller, more specialized spots including Design Museum Holon featuring top Israeli fashion and Eretz Israel Museum in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood of Tel Aviv, which concentrates on history, archaeology and nature. All that’s topped off by an abundance of art galleries to be found all over the country, plus artist’s studios and workshops where you can share a conversation about life with a local artist and purchase or commission their original works.

It doesn’t stop there. When it comes to the performing arts, Israel has so much to offer. The Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater in Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek neighborhood, home to Israel’s world-famous Batsheva Dance Company, is the spot for international dance and outdoor events and performances; The Jerusalem Theater, home to the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and host of an endless list of festivals and performances.  Tel Aviv is also home to the Israel Philharmonic, one of the world’s great orchestras which often hosts the established giants, or the rising young stars, of the international classical music scene, and the Israeli Opera.  In a more rustic setting, there’s Elma Arts Complex in Zichron Ya’acov, and outdoor concert venues including the Roman Theater in Caesarea, the Shoni Fortress’s ampitheater at Binyamina, summer concerts at the foot of Masada near the Dead Sea and so much more.


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